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Adeline’s Garden, by Alyssa Wilder, is a delightful and unique collection of beautiful, handcrafted, polymer clay flowers. They are simply stunning as small, collectable pieces of art for your home, or as a gift for someone dear to you. The approximate size of the frame is 7 “ square, “ thick; with the depth of the mounted flower varying from piece to piece, but averaging 1”. Each one of these gorgeous flowers is individually hand-made by me. They are highly detailed, with hand-painted touches on each – no two are exactly alike. In addition, each flower is securely mounted on a hand-painted wood frame, which comes complete with its own high-quality hanger attached on the back, so that you may hang it, if you wish.

Red Rose with Ivory Frame Golden Daylily with Green Frame Morning Glory with Blue Frame Japanese Anemone with Yellow Frame
There are currently four different flower designs to choose from, with more coming soon! You may choose one of two different paint colors for the frame, for a look that best appeals to you.
Morning Glory with Yellow Frame Japanese Anemone with Green Frame Golden Daylily with Ivory Frame Red Rose with Yellow Frame
Perhaps what makes Adeline’s Garden so special is the fact that each flower comes with a piece of cardstock in a color that complements your paint selection. You can write a greeting, if it is intended as a gift, or you can write down a favorite poem, expression, or any words that are meaningful to you, then simply peel the backings off of the adhesive, and press the cardstock onto the beautifully prepared backing of the frame.
Applying to Card
Card on Back

So you see, these enchanting blooms can be both a gorgeous, truly unique gift and card all in one for someone special, or a whimsical, heart-lifting something special for you!

Enjoy your stroll through the garden!

Please feel free to contact me at: alyssa@summerreeds.com

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