Summer Reeds   


Our bassoon reeds are made carefully through a 100% handmade process.  We start with the best tube cane from France and then we gouge, profile, and shape all by hand.  This guarantees that we provide the best reeds at a competitive price.  If you have tried store bought reeds, try our bassoon reeds and see why we have such a great customer base.

For 15 years we have made reeds by hand.  No short cuts, everything is processed by hand.  Our philosophy is that ALL musician deserve to perform their best at all times.  For bassoons, that process starts with the reed. 

Our current time line as of 10-24-11 is 4 to 5 weeks.  Thank you for being patient and understanding.  We were just overwhelmed with orders and had to extend out time line.


About our reeds.